Monday, September 3, 2012

IT'S A...

Cameron would like to announce that he's getting a little BROTHER!!

Coolest big brother ever!
We'd also like to introduce Leppy (yeah, that's all we could come up with!).  He was adopted yesterday to keep Wolfy company and be friends with our new baby boy :}

Everything went pretty well at our ultrasound appointment yesterday.  It didn't quite go as planned though (what ever does?).  The plan was to get the ultrasound tech to write "boy" or "girl" and put it in an envelope that we would take home and open while we Skyped with Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Harriet...that way we could all find out together.  Well, she informed us that she was not allowed to do that "for legal reasons."  Hmm, what now?  We decided, after some debate, that she would tell Josh and he would break the news to us.  At first I thought it was very unfair!  But I decided that since he won't get to be there for the birth, the least I could do was let him find out first.  So, what we did when we got home was take a piece of pink and blue paper and put them in an envelope.  Josh taped the "revealing" ultrasound picture to either pink or blue.  So, I pulled out the paper in front of my family and it was blue!!  I wish I could share an ultrasound picture with everyone, but she didn't take any good ones except the gender one (and I'm going to use a little discretion on that one!).  We weren't very happy with the technician we had :/  But everything turned out fine.  It was a very sweet moment and now we're even more excited to add a new member to our little family!


  1. So so so excited!! How much fun is that going to be? Congratulations!

  2. How exciting!!! Congrats again! And welcome to the family, Leppy! (Though I'm a little disappointed you didn't follow the trend ... unless our next ultrasound proves the first tech was as clueless as he seemed at the time!)