Monday, September 10, 2012

Baby Post- Week 22

Well, week 22 and the name search continues!  We think we have one (we decided on the middle name a while ago, so it's just the first name we can't decide on)...some of the names we've been considering are Landon (Dad's pick) and Colin and Evan (my picks).  Neither of us want the other's name(s)!  So we found one that we're both pretty happy with I think...we're going to wait a little while before we reveal it though, just in case it changes.  The girl name we had picked out was Charlotte Elyse.  So, if you and Cam ever get a sister...way, way in the future!...that's what her name will be. 

We have, however, decided on a nursery theme: The Very Hungry Caterpillar!  I'm gonna order this set from a shop on Etsy:

I love these colors...I just have to pick one to paint the walls.  There are so many to choose from! 
I guess that's it for this week...


  1. better go with Colin! Because: 1) I think that is an adorably sweet name(maybe because I had a crush on an adorably sweet boy in elementary school with that name!) and 2) If, God-willing, you have a little girl and name her Charlotte, you'll have 3 kids with C names! ;)

  2. We all know my vote is Landon but I can't wait to hear what you guys decided on! Im sure it will be awesome and no awful nick names like Hairy Gay can be derived from it! :) <3 you guys!

  3. Ohh, I like the 3 Cs idea :)

  4. I hadn't even thought of that! Well, if we go with the name we're thinking, he'll be the odd man out...isn't that how middle kids are anyway though? Lol! Or maybe he'd think he was the special one!