Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hobbits, Halloween, and Homesickness

Cam's 1st Halloween: Huge success.

I admit, I wasn't going to put him in a costume this year...he is only 5 weeks old.  However, a walk through Walmart a couple of weeks ago made me feel a little nostalgic and set me in motion to create a costume.  And some gentle nudging by some friends (Jessica Norton and Nancy Galas) sealed the deal.

As Josh and I shopped at Walmart towards the beginning of October, we happened to stroll by the sewing section.  I glanced over and saw all the different Halloween costume patterns on display, which immediately brought me back to my childhood.  My mom and I used to go pick out a pattern every year and she would hand-make my costumes.  If I didn't see a pattern for exactly what I wanted to be that year, we would find what we needed and make it up ourselves.  I never once wore a store-bought costume.  I never realized how special that would be.  Some of my favorite costumes include Fievel, Maid Marian (from the Disney Robin Hood...complete with fox ears and nose), Donatello from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Emmet Kelly the clown (a character my granddad loved).  Oh yeah, I was this guy when I was 11 years old...probably the only 11-year-old who had ever heard of him (possibly the only 26-year-old to have heard of him...).  This, I believe, was the last costume my grandfather saw me in before he passed away. 

So, since homemade costumes bring back such strong and special memories of my happy childhood, I decided that I had to come up with a costume for Cameron.  Unfortunately, I had no idea what he should be.  Josh really pushed for a Star Wars character...which is fine!  I really like Star Wars, but it's not my favorite thing ever, and for some reason, I feel entitled to decided what Cam's first costume should be!  Maybe because I had to give up my body for almost a year (more than a year actually...pretty much for the rest of my life, because it will never be the same) and then push him out. Just sayin' ;} I did promise Josh that Cam could be a Star Wars character next year stay tuned!  This is where Jessica and Nancy come in.  I told them I had pretty much decided to dress him up, but didn't know what he should be.  After throwing around a couple of ideas, Nancy, knowing how much I love The Lord of the Rings, suggested a Hobbit.  Jessica, who didn't actually know what a Hobbit is until I explained, was totally on board!  So I made the decision that Cameron would be Frodo Baggins (or "Grodo" as Jessica called him).  And he was literally the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life :}  I'm SO glad I did this.  All it took was $3.00.  I really hope that this little piece of felt, this little piece of foam, and the hair I drew on his feet with eyeliner will be the beginning of many many happy childhood memories for my sweet Hobbit.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hands Up, Who Likes Me?

So, I've decided to create a blog.  Obviously.

I have been very reluctant to start one for various reasons, and in case your were wondering what those reasons might be, I'll share them with you now.

Reason One:  I've always had a weird complex about people thinking that what I have to say isn't important/interesting enough.  So, if I don't think anyone enjoys listening to me in person, why would I think anyone would care what I have to say in writing?  I'm not sure why or when I began to feel this way, but I've struggled with it for a long time.  As a result, I seem to have developed a pretty good filter for what I say during conversation (which some people may interpret as me being shy or reserved...really I'm just self-conscious :/ ).  Since I met my husband and became a part of the Army family, I have become much more open.  Josh let's me be myself completely, and has always seemed interested in anything I have to say (this is what attracted me to him on our first date...I immediately felt comfortable with him :} ).  And since being involved with the Army and having to constantly meet new people, I've really worked on becoming more open and confident.  Like I said, it's a struggle, but I think it's getting better :}

Reason Two:  I'm not a very good writer.  Seriously, ask my college composition professor.  (And yes, I was an English major).  He said I was a better verbal communicator, and in my writing I was "concise, to a fault."  So, if I'm ever "unclear" or "too vague" (notes I got on MANY of my papers), please don't hesitate to ask me to elaborate.

Reason Three:  I'm not a very tech savvy person.  And, frankly, this intimidates me.     

So, there are the main reasons I didn't want to start a blog.  Now, as someone who tends to consider the pros and cons of every decision, I'll tell you the reasons why I figured I should start one.

Reason One:  Everybody's doing it...I want to do it too!! (old college joke that seems appropriate :})

Reason Two:  I have a new baby!  And I want to share him with the world!  (P.S. He is four weeks old today!)  

Reason Three:  I miss my family and friends back home!  I've found that with a newborn I'm not as good about having phone conversations with anyone anymore (which many of you have noticed, I'm sure).  This is a good way to keep everyone updated, although I will try to get better about calling in the future, I promise! 

Reason Four:  I want to have a way to document Cameron's milestones.  I probably wouldn't write them down if I didn't have anyone to share them with.  So, hopefully this will keep me accountable.

In conclusion (please don't tell the above mentioned composition professor that I actually just said "In conclusion"...), I've decided that there are more reason for starting a blog that against here it is!  If you choose to read/follow my blog I'll  be flattered and grateful, and I hope you enjoy it.  If not, then it'll be more of a personal journal.  Either way, I think it will be good for me to have a way to express my feelings and reflect on what's happening in my life right now...that's how I see it anyway.  :}