Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Seven Months

Well, my son is past the half-way mark on his race towards one year.  Yesterday was his seven month mark.  I cannot believe how fast he's growing.  Insert cliche here...I know, I know!  But before being a mom, I had no idea how much babies grew and learned in their first few months.  I've been around babies before, but never for long periods of time, never enough to see them growing day-by-day. 

This past Saturday we hit a major milestone: Cam learned to crawl!!  He had been trying for a while, but apparently he wanted to wait until his Dad was home (Josh had been in the field for five days).  He has a small, nerf-like basketball that rolled away from him while he was playing with it, and, well, he just decided to go get it!!  It's amazing!  One day babies can't do something, and the next, they can! So crazy. We're so proud of him! But we're really going to have to start baby proofing :/ Any must-have or tried-and-true products I need to know about?  Because right now I'm thinking about just taking all of the furniture out of our house for a couple of years!

So, here are some other important things to know about Mr. Cameron Joseph:

December 25, 2011- Rolled from tummy to back
January 1, 2012- Sat up by himself
Janyary 24- Ate his first solid food (banana)
February 25- Rolled from back to tummy
April 18- Pulled himself up (my mom said he pulled himself up while she was bathing him while we were visiting...around the first week of April...but I didn't see it, so it doesn't count :p )
April 21- Started crawling!

His favorite foods are still avocados and sweet potatoes, but here's a list of all the food he's tried in addition to those two:
Bananas, butternut and acorn squash, sweet peas, pears, apples, prunes, carrots, green beans (his least favorite, I think), ham, a mixture of corn and sweet potatoes, and most recently YoBaby banana yogurt.  I read that I should start feeding him three times a day now and that I can start adding some herbs and spices like cinnamon, cumin, and basil to his food, so I'm sure our food choices will start getting a little more exciting.

He loves music. His favorite songs are Hey Jude, Blackbird, Scarborough Fair, and the ABC song is growing on him :}

His favorite things to do are play peekaboo, give Mommy "kisses", grab and chew on anything and everything (especially paper), get tickled, get thrown in the air, play with his plethora of fun toys, and now crawl and pull up on things!

He's a little social butterfly.  He seems to get along with everyone.  He's started to really enjoy spending time with all of his little friends (I think mostly he just wants to grab their hair!), and all of the day-care ladies say he has a great time while he's there...I was even told that he was giving "kisses" to one of the workers!  Little flirt!!

I'm so looking forward to watching him continue to learn and grow...maybe on the next update I can add "teeth" to the list!