Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Try It Tuesday

So, for  this week's Try It project I got inspiration from this blog.  It's a post about how to fix a split nail with a tea bag.  I've been pretty happy with the way my nails look lately...pre-natal vitamins?  One of them just split, and I had recently seen a Pin in passing; plus, I'm pretty sure I've heard a few of my friends mention that they've used this technique before, so I thought I'd give 'er a try.

First I chose a tea bag that I would never drink...honey flavor?  It came in a variety pack, and has just been sitting in my cabinet for months.  Seriously, if I want my tea to taste like honey, umm, I'll just add honey.  Anyway, I emptied the tea and cut a tiny square.  I painted my nail with clear polish and stuck the square over the broken part of my nail while it was still wet, then painted another coat over the tea bag.  That's it!

Here's my nail before

Here's the nail right after I painted over the tea bag
And here it is after it's dry (barely noticeable)
Note: I did this yesterday morning.  It held really well all day, but by this morning it had come loose a little.  I painted another coat of clear over it and that helped a bit, but it was loose again after I took a shower this afternoon.  I have not put any color over the clear polish, but I definitely think that if I had time to do a couple of coats of color and maybe one more top coat that this tea bag trick would be a big success.  I'll definitely try it again.

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