Monday, September 24, 2012

You Say It's Your Birthday!

I have a one-year-old!!  A healthy, energetic, beautiful, sweet, hilarious, toddling, into everything, too smart for his own good one-year-old!  And I'm loving it :}

Today was recovery day.  We dropped off my parents at the airport this morning...which was super sad, as always, but it was a little easier knowing we'll see them in just a few weeks.  This afternoon was spent relaxing and playing with all of Cam's new toys, which was really fun!  He got so many great gifts from our wonderful friends and family! 

On Saturday we had Cam's party.  I think it was a big success!  Cam had a great time playing with all his little buddies and opening presents, and he of course loved his first taste of cake.  Here are some highlights:

Playing with his new truck with Granddad
My attempt at birthday cake making
Josh and I made all the little boys tabards (this was Cam's)
The Drawbridge
The other tabards, gifts and decorations

High-fiving his friend :}
Playing in the ball pit (The Dragon's Lair)
The Fab Five playing in the sandbox (The Search for the Holy Grail...we hid some plastic gemstones and a plastic goblet in the sand for them to uncover)
The food- we had King Arthur's Coins (baked potato rounds), Merlin's Magic Wands (fruit skewers), Dragon Wings (chicken wings), Battering Rams (pimento cheese stuffed celery), Sword in the Stones (meatballs), and Jester Juice (pineapple punch)

Having some cake

Sunday morning, on his actual birthday, we went to IHOP for breakfast.  He just about ate his weight in pancakes!  After a trip home for a nap, we went to the mall to get our Yellow Submarine video signed by one of the animators (I know, nerd alert!), then went shopping at Kohl's to look for some shoes.  We didn't find any, but we did get some fall shirts and pants.  Then we went to get his hair cut.  *sigh*  It was a little sad...I think there has been a definite transition from baby to little boy, but he looks soooo cute!  (Another big, we stopped using formula!)  He did great at the barber shop!  He was very calm, and the stylist was really good with him. 

After that, we went to the fountain at the PX to play...he had a blast and got soaked!  For dinner we had spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread.  Then we went outside for a bit to play some more...Grandma brought some bubbles that turn purple when they pop!  Needless to say, we had bathtime after that :} What an amazing, special weekend for a very very special boy!* 
*Time to start planning for next year! *Whew*


  1. The cake looks great! Sorry I didn't get to taste it. I love cake :) Looks like you had a great time! I don't think I could ever keep up with the parties you girls plan.

  2. Now I'm even more sad I didn't come. That looks amazing! I'm impressed with everyone's party decoration skillz.

    CRAP. I forgot to go to the mall on Friday! I wanted him to sign my Yellow Submarine DVD. I think I might cry, now.

  3. Wow, that cake looks amazing! The whole party looks so much fun! Great job!