Thursday, August 30, 2012

"It's OK" Thursday

It's Thursday again!  I think this it's been three weeks since I posted the first "It's OK" post.  The week after I posted, Josh was still gone, I still wasn't able to communicate with him, and pretty much nothing was OK, so I just couldn't bring myself to look on the bright side...I'm pretty sure I didn't think there was one!  Last week, everything was OK!  It was the day after Josh got home and life seemed great and almost back to normal.  This week, I'm feeling pretty optimistic even though we've got some big events coming up soon and I am NO where near prepared!  So here goes:

It's OK...
that Cam's birthday party is in three weeks and I've done nothing, because tomorrow starts a four-day and I can hopefully get a lot done.
that we're moving in eight weeks (!) and I've done nothing, because I know that it will all get done and that the stress of it is worse than it will actually be.
if no housework gets done today, because I've been pretty good about keeping in clean lately and it's not too bad (and tomorrow starts a four-day :} ).
if pretty much anything goes wrong right now, because my sweet boy is WALKING, and when I see him making his way across the room looking so proud of himself, I can't help but be beside myself with happiness :}
And on a side note, I get to hear baby's heartbeat today!  So, even thought life is about to get super crazy busy, there's a lot of good stuff happening and a lot to be thankful for.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Are you guys moving yourselves or hiring movers? I have a closet full of boxes that needs cleaned out. Those boxes could use a good home! All sizes.