Sunday, December 2, 2012

Toddler Post- Month 14

So, I realized that I've posted a good bit about the baby and about the ugly "D" word, but I haven't really given any updates on my sweet Cameron lately!  He's 14 months old and here's a little look at what he's been up to.

Hey guys, I think I found the perfect tree!

*sigh* He's not really talking yet...I was hoping Josh would get to hear him at least say Dada before he left, but no such luck :/  He is getting there though...he's so close!  When asked what a doggie says, he makes a high pitched humming sound ("hmm hmm hmm!"), and when asked what a cow says, he goes "booooooo" :}  And when he puts the phone to his ear he'll say his own version of hello...usually something like "a-oh" or "he-go" or "uh-o."  And, of course, he has his own baby language...his favorite word is "day-ga" and his conversations with himself usually revolve around it.
Pretty cute stuff!  Even though he's not really using words, he can understand them very well.  He will go throw something in the trash if I ask him to (sometimes he'll even leave it there :} ), he will give hugs and kisses and high fives when asked, and he knows where his belly button and mine are and likes to look at them frequently.  He knows baby brother lives in my tummy and will lay his head down on my stomach and "love" him :}  Even though I'm pretty sure he doesn't know what a "baby brother" is, it's really sweet! 

He mainly uses signs to communicate with us- he can do signs for more, all done, milk, eat, night night, and please (sometimes!)...even though it's not words, signing has made communication much much easier!

Right now, he's sleeping in the pack n' play.  Crazy, I know.  When we moved to Georgia, he and I got here before Josh, who had the crib.  So in those couple of transitional days, all we had was the pack n' play, and he slept all night!  After Josh got here we put up the crib and for two or three nights; it was back to getting up two or three times :{  So back in the pack n' play he went, and let me tell you how wonderful it's been since then!!  We've only had a few nights that required getting up, usually only once, but other than that, he's sleeping beautifully (and if any of you know Cam, you know what a blessing that is!).  And, of course, I'm saying all this while knocking on wood ;}  I have no idea what the difference is, but it's working, and why mess with a good thing?!

He's eating pretty well...his favorite foods right now are green beans and macaroni and cheese.  He went through a phase of not eating a whole lot about a month ago, but I think that was because of his teeth.  He's got seven teeth (four on top, three on bottom), and one top molar has partially come in.  Two bottom molars are working their way up as we speak!  He's been pretty calm about it though...mostly just chewing on his fingers a lot.

As far as motor skills go, he is walking backwards and on tiptoe (not at the same time!), and running pretty well.  He can easily dip a french fry into a small cup of ketchup (another one of his favorite foods!), and he's learning to stack things (i.e. make towers). 

His one vice is the bottle.  He's addicted...he still has to have one to go to sleep.  So he gets one bottle of milk for his morning nap, one bottle of water for his afternoon nap, and another of milk before bedtime.  The rest of the day he drinks water or juice from a sippy.  I know he's old enough to get rid of the bottle, but it makes him sleep so much better.  I've tried taking it away and making him fall asleep on his own, but he just doesn't sleep as well or as long :/  I know it's a really bad sleeping habit...but he won't need it forever!

That's all I can think of for now, other than he's loving being here with Grandma and Grandaddy and Great Grandma!  I know he misses his Dada, though.  His face lights up when he hears his voice or sees a picture of him :}  He's got such a sweet and energetic personality!  And he's pretty darn cute if you ask me!

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  1. Awww thanks for posting this! I loved hearing what Cam is up to. He's really growing out of that baby phase! I can't believe you have a toddler. I know I was at his 1st birthday and all, but things were so busy after that, that it still seems weird to me! It sounds like he's doing great! Good job mama!