Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Baby Post- Week 33

Week 33 started out with a bang...Monday I woke up with a cold and yesterday I got to take a trip to the ER!  Yep, I scheduled a doctor's appointment for Tuesday at 8:00am to talk to them about my cold.  I wanted to make sure it was just a cold and not something worse.  Well, I had a slight fever of 99, and when the nurse took my pulse it was almost 100 beats per minute.  She left, came back, took my pulse again, and decided that I needed an EKG (that's when they hook you up to a machine to get a more accurate look at what your heart is doing).  Well, the EKG said my pulse was up to 130, which meant that I was experiencing tachycardia (when your heart beats too fast, basically).  The doctors decided I should go to the emergency room to get some more tests done and make sure you were still doing ok.  When I got there they did another EKG, monitored your heartbeat, which was slightly lower than usual, but still normal, and tested my blood to make sure I wasn't dehydrated or anemic.  Luckily, all of the tests said I was ok; my pulse had pretty much gone back to normal and my fever was down to 98.  They didn't really say what caused all this to happen, but a couple of nurses told me that a fever (which was probably caused by my cold) could sometimes make your pulse go up.  Maybe that was it.

I got a little nervous when they told me I needed to go get monitored, because the last time they told me that, when I was expecting Cam, they decided to induce labor the next day!  I was 40 weeks along last time, so it wasn't really a shock when they wanted to induce, but this time it got me thinking...I'm not ready for you to get here yet!!  There is still so much to do...or maybe not too much.  Maybe I've just hit that panic mode that sets in a few weeks before the baby.  Maybe I'm nesting.  Maybe thinking about the possibility of you coming early has motivated me to get those last few things done so I can relax and just look forward to your arrival :}  So, as excited as I am to meet you, you should stay in there a little longer, get bigger and stronger, and let Mommy get a couple more things checked off the to-do list!

Other than being sick and having to spend the day with a bunch of doctors yesterday, things have been going really well!  We're having a lot of fun in Georgia. Last week we had an awesome Thanksgiving.  Your dad got to come spend it with us, which was an unexpected surprise!  He got here Wednesday and we had a date night at Longhorn's while Grandma and Grandad watched Cam for us.  We had a great time eating and relaxing on Thursday, then on Friday we went to pick out our Christmas tree.  Cam had a great time running around, trying to find the perfect tree!  That night we went downtown to the square to watch all the trees and shops get lit up with Christmas lights.  What a beautiful town!  

Photo found here

I'm so glad he got to do some Christmas-y things with us...even though he won't be here with us on Christmas day, it felt like he was still a part of the Christmas season :} Saturday he went back to El Paso. I think it was harder to say goodbye this time, but it was definitely worth the extra time we got to spend together. I felt more of a sense of closure this time...everything felt/feels a little more real now. I think I'm moving out of "denial" and am beginning to reach the "acceptance" phase now. The sooner we get this show on the road, the sooner it will be over!!

In other baby news, I got an awesome Black Friday deal on some cloth diapers from Diaper Junction.  I'm going to do a follow up post with more details later, after I've tried the three different brands I ordered.  Stay tuned!

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