Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Cloth Diaper Chronicles: The Big Box of Fluff

Well, Black Friday strikes again this year., an online cloth diaper retailer, was having an awesome sale!  For $80 I got a set of 5 BumGenius brand pocket style diapers (including 5 newborn inserts, 6 regular inserts, 1 small wet bag and 3 cloth wipes)...but wait, there's more!  They were also doing a deal where if you spent over $79 you got a free gift: 1 Rump-a-rooz One Size (OS) pocket diaper, including newborn and regular inserts, 1 DiaperRite OS pocket diaper, also including both inserts, 1 small DiaperRite wetbag, and a $10 gift card to use on their website!  Who could pass that up?!  For a little perspective, for about $10 more ($90) I could get a supply of Cam's size Huggies diapers that would last roughly a month and a half...maybe close to two months.  These 7 diapers will last until Jude is potty trained!  That makes me happy :}
Here's the stash:

So, now I have 10 diapers in my rotation. 6 BumGenius 4.0 pockets with velcro tabs, 1 DiaperRite OS with snaps, 1 Rump-a-rooz OS with velcro, 1 BumWear (used- not sure what size) with snaps, and 1 EconoBum OS diaper cover (used).  I also still have two gDiapers, but I've decided they're now too small for Cam...they leave red marks, so I'll save those for Jude.  And I still have about 5 more diapers worth of inserts that were included in the stuff I bought used.  I'm still deciding what brand of covers or pockets to try out for those.  I really need to add more to my stash soon, but right now I'm doing ok with washing about every other day.  Still using disposables at night though.
Here's what I think of the brands I got from Diaper Junction:
Easy to use
Not super bulky
Reasonably absorbent inserts
Good fit
Inserts are the fastest drying of any I have
Inserts have held up very well in the wash
One leak so far, but I probably should have changed it sooner
Don't like the small wetbag- I have trouble getting it closed all the way
No other complaints really
Easy to use
Not super bulky
The wetbag has a zipper which is great for keeping in the diaper bag
Slightly less absorbent than BumGenius
Not real happy with the way the inserts have held up in the wash (still absorbent, but tattered looking around the edges)
One leak
It fits a little high on Cam (comes too far up on his waist)- smaller setting is too small
Easy to use
Super absorbent inserts and diaper (inserts get very wet, but the diaper itself feels almost dry- I think it's made of fleece...great for naptime and maybe overnight if I get brave enough to try that again!)
Very bulky
Same issue with the inserts holding up in the wash- tattered around the edges
I'd definitely order more BumGenius and Rump-a-rooz.  I'm not completely sold on DiaperRite; it just seems kind of middle of the road quality, but I looked and it is one of the less expensive brands.  I still want to try FuzziBuns, Kawaii, Thirsties, and least I still have that $10 gift card!

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  1. I love my Fuzzibunz but unfortunately A is out growing them. I either need to make a elastic larger or use my others. I am currently leaning towards using my others. They were great when she was younger they were less bulky then my Kawaii, BumGenius, and DiaperRite bamboo. I love all these now that she is older I love all these. I just bought some used BumGenius ones to expand my stash so I know have 15 other brands. I hope that you find something that works for you. PS if you want to do the cloth wipes the solution I make is in a 5 oz bottle and 1 TBS baby wash, 1TBS baby oil, a few drops vinegar, and the rest of the bottle is filled up with cooled boiled water. If you'd like it smell nice you can add a drop of essential oil.