Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two Tickets To That Thing You Love

Happy Day-after Valentine's y'all!  I hope you enjoyed  a day full of love!  One of my Facebook friends reminded me that February 14th isn't just about whether you have a "Valentine" or not, it's about celebrating love in all it's forms.  And I am SO thankful for all of the friends and family in my life who love me, and I want all of you to know that I cherish and love you all dearly :} 

Ok...enough mushy stuff.

Yesterday was the first day we left Cameron at day-care or the CDC as we call it here in Army Land (no, not the Center for Disease Control, which, of course, I can't help but think about every single time!...the Child Development Center).  Josh and I had plans to go to lunch at a sushi restaurant, so we dropped him off around noon.  I was feeling pangs of guilt as I walked in the building, but as soon as Cam laid eyes on the nice ladies who were going to take care of him, he was all smiles.  So that made me feel tons better :}  Josh and I said our goodbyes and went out to enjoy a very nice lunch, coffee, and a bit of shopping at the PX before we went to pick up the little one.  I couldn't wait to see him and hear how he did.  We walked in, looked around and saw a tiny little baby sleeping in a bouncy seat, facing away from us.  We thought "he can't possibly be ours...he's too small" (the different outfit didn't help either...he had apparently spit up all over the outfit we brought him in and they had to change him!).  But, sure enough the lady picked him up and he stretched and yawned and looked over at us and smiled!  It reminded me just how small and precious he is :} The ladies said he did problems at all! Yay! That really put my mind at ease, and now maybe I won't feel as guilty when I leave him there. No, I'm sure I will  :/  As we were leaving, I looked in the diaper bag and found a sweet surprise ( Caution: it's about to get mushy again)...Cam had made me a Valentine:

 Melt!  I'd say it was a successful first day :}

So, since the hubby and I went out for lunch, I decided to cook him a nice meal for dinner.  We had mini Beef Wellingtons, roasted veggies, and garlic parmesan mashed potatoes.  Then we had apple crisp for dessert.  Here's what dinner looked like:

It was delish!  As we sat there eating dinner, complete with our bottles of water (fancy-schmancy), while Cam was asleep, I was thinking about just how happy I am...then Josh gave me my Valentine's gift, which was presented on  a homemade Valentine (yes, he even used the Cricut!! He probably didn't want me to share that :/ ).  Two tickets to Cirque du Soleil: Dralion for Thursday night!  His sister will be in town and she has already volunteered to babysit :}  I'm beyond excited!  I'm pretty sure I have the best son and husband in the world! :}

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  1. Oooo, I would love to have your mini beef wellington recipe! And tell me how the sushi place was! Amazingly, I haven't been yet. I'm desperate to go.

    I'm so glad Cam had a good time at CDC, and that valentine is adorable. Sounds like you had a good day!