Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Day in Review

What. A. Day.

It has been an I-don't-know-whether-to-laugh-or-cry type days.  And let me just say that it began at 5:00am when both boys woke up.  Yes, both.  They seem to tag team me.  When one is asleep the other is awake.  When I change one diaper, the other needs a change almost immediately.  How do they synchronize it like that?  Is it some kind of secret sibling mind trick?  I'm guessing it will be like this for the rest of our lives...although hopefully fewer diaper changes will be involved eventually.

Anyway, it started out innocently enough. Just the usual. But I had to go upstairs to put our dinner together in the crockpot. So both boys came with me, because I obviously can't leave them alone downstairs.  Well, Jude started crying and was inconsolable until I went and got the moby wrap. I prepared half of dinner while "wearing" him. He eventually fell asleep. Ok, good. I set him down and tried to finish up the crockpot meal (I was an hour late getting it ready...don't tell my mom) when I looked over and saw this:

That's a bag of flour. I thought, "Whew!  That could have been a disaster!  I've seen the pictures of kids covered in flour on Facebook! Poor moms...Haha!"  I was pretty proud of myself for catching him before I had to clean up a huge mess...smug even.  (What's that John Lennon song...Instant Karma's Gonna Get You...)  I then walked into the living room to turn on some cartoons for Cam to watch while I cleaned up the kitchen and saw this:
It took me forever to figure out what this was...yes, I tasted it.  It had no taste.  I finally figured out that it was Wondra, a thickening powder used for gravy and such.  There was an open container of it...wait for the pantry!  He had taken it into the living room, shaken it out, and put it back!  Whaaat?!  Ok, so I got that swept up.  Now back into the kitchen to clean up.  Oh. My. Sweet. Goodness. Now this:
Jealous yet?  No?  Well, here's a little taste of what this afternoon was like:

Yeah, I had to call for backup.  Well, actually backup called me.  My grandma called to ask me a question, and she could hear in my voice that something was up...she said, "Need me to come get Cam?"  *sigh of relief*...Yes. Please.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm SO lucky to be here with my family!  I don't take them for granted for a second.  So, he's over at her house now...that's the only way I would be able to be blogging right now!  And meanwhile, there's this:

Sweet little guy :}  At least for now...
So, just another day in the life.  But there's no way I can stay too upset with my other sweet little guy!  Just look at him!*
*This picture is from yesterday ;}


  1. Oh Ashley, I had to laugh at these pictures. Dont worry, my karma is on the way.

  2. It may seem like a lot today ... and even tomorrow, but it will be funny some day - like when you're finally getting more sleep! Hang in there, Momma! :)